Music Playlist Favorites: Inspiration on Those Rainy Days ♥

As summer begins to draw near and the lovely rainy days of spring come to a close why not make the most of the last couple weeks of spring with a rainy day playlist to get you inspired. I put together the following playlist with all my favorite songs to listen to during a rainy day on so you can easily listen to all my favorite songs all in one place 🙂 None of these songs have profanity or suggestive language so don’t worry when you click play. I hope you like some f the songs I picked and I helped you discover new ones. A few of the songs are not at their best quality so if you run into this problem I suggest you just search the song on google and listen to it on youtube. Stay tuned for a rant about a music player I tried out (Spotify) sometime this week…

If the playlist doesn’t show you may need to install the latest version of flash or just click the nifty “Pop Out Player” button:

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Party Song Favorite: The Wanted – Glad You Came ♥

I can not stop listening to this song! I highly recommend it for those nights where you just need to dance or those nights when your chillin’ with friends. Even at a 1.29 on Itunes (don’t get me started on how much the price change annoys me) it is totally worth the good beat to dance, clean, or sing to 🙂

-Lydia ♥